FATOGANG Artist/Producer Nieklaus drops a new free beat entitled "Glass House". The beat sounds like something Robb Bank$ or SGP would spit over, so if you're a fan of either of the two, this beat is perfect for you. If you like this track, you can download it via Hulkshare in the link below.

Download: http://www.hulkshare.com/xhp5w6w9lam8

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New production from Lockedown. FantaTapes Vol. 3 release date soon TBA...

Download FantaTapes Vol. 2 here
Download FantaTapes Vol. 1 here
Check out the new beat. Had the Flatbush Zombies crew in mind while making this one. Subscribe, Like, and Comment as always.
Somebody else to be on the lookout for is this 16-year old Producer out of ATL that goes by the name of MiguelCurtidor. One of his tracks that really caught my attention was his beat entitled "Kick" which has a smooth Jazz sample with a saxophone as the lead tone in the sample. Check out "Kick" below and be sure to follow MiguelCurtidor on Soundcloud to keep up with his latest sounds.
Some smooth production from Melodiesinfonie, a producer out of Zurich, Switzerland. Check out the free download track "Loveisallweneed" below.
New production, with a Pro Era type of feel to it. Check it out and subscribe to my YouTube channel below.
Here's a new beat from me to you. Got a little trippy on this one. Enjoy.
After searching through Soundcloud for awhile, it didn't take long before I came across this dope producer. He goes by the name of SangoBeats but just Sango for short. Yesterday he put up a new beat for all of his fans to listen to and enjoy. Check out "The Lights" below and be sure to check out more of Sango's work.